The Future of the Irish Film Institute

If you are a lover of arthouse films then here is something to brighten up your world on this cold winteresque day. The Irish Film Institute (IFI) have recently announced their intentions for a dual screen restoration and upgrade. The IFI, which is by now well established with the public, has decided to improve two of its biggest screens in the near future. This comes only a few months after the installation of a new 4k projector in the Temple Bar Cinema. These upgrades and refurbishments are part of the IFI's new 5 year plan in which they hope to completely reinvent themselves. 2018 marks the beginning of this half decade strategy which involve the creation of an archive building and the procurement of Irish newsreels dating from 1914-1924 documenting the Irish fight for independence from British rule. The 2018 programming is set to showcase a year long series of films investigating the Irish famine as well as many Irish short films and more. The IFI is also set to hold exclusive 70 mm screening which will be sure to draw in crowds.

GFD Communications looks forward to hearing from the IFI with regards to anything technical that they may need help with and would jump at the opportunity to be involved with whatever they have planned. We are excited to see what the future holds for Irish films going forward.