Biggest Balls in the Western Hemipshere

There is a new contender in town for the title of "World's Largest Planetarium". The Liberty Science Centre in New Jersey opened only months ago revealing their new 27 metres (89 Freedom Units) planetarium making it the largest in the western hemisphere. The system involves the use of 10 Christie projectors which each project 8k images onto 588 panels which are linked together to form one ginormous viewing screen. Accompanying these projectors is a state of the art 5.1 sound system and 20 computers managing the entire affair. Content is provided by several contributors including NASA. Their hope is to push public interest in astronomy and space in general and with people like Elon Musk attempting to make space travel more readily available to the public it seems as though The Liberty Science Centre have grabbed the public's attention at just the right time. 

liberty science centre.jpg

Christie have been making various contributions across the globe to public attractions and with the equipment they have at their disposal it is clear that they will continue to be the manufacturer of choice for events to come. While GFD Communications has no immediate plans for space travel we do have full access to Christie's entire catalogue and the expertise to install any of their products efficiently and efficaciously.