The Ones to Watch This Year at the Irish Film Festival

The Irish Film Festival takes place this year between the 21st and the 25th of March. Here at GFD Communications we hope to help you cut through to the cream of the crop and so we're going to give you a few pointers as to what you should be looking out for and where you should find it. 

Firstly you should know that the the Festival is taking place in the Rome's beloved 'Casa del Cinema'. As you may have noticed, this is a different country than Ireland and the festival is taking place over 5 days, some of which are not the weekend. Well as always, GFD Communications is looking out for you. Here is a list of flights that will get you there and back and here is a list of excuses (good and bad) that will get you out of work for the couple of days that you need to truly soak in all that Irish Film has to offer.

The Casa del Cinema is located in the heart of Rome next to the Villa Borghese. The cinema houses several screens, the deluxe room contains a 35 mm projection booth which is sure to raise the heartbeats of art film fanatics higher than Kevin Spacey's when Anthony Rapp came forward. In terms of sound the screen supports a Dolby 5.1 System with several sub woofers, surround sound and QSC amplifiers.


As well as the aforementioned 35 mm projection booth the screen also houses a very capable DCP projector with 2k resolution and a variety of media input capabilities. The room also sits 124 people and can double as a conference room with a 5 seat conference table. This is only one of the 5 rooms available to the public which also includes their open air theatre.

The feature films this year include: Handsome Devil, Kissing Candice, Maze, My Astonishing Self - Gabriel, Byrne on George Bernard Shaw, No Party for Billy Burns, Rocky Ros Muc, Song of Granite, The Breadwinner and Into the West - Irish Classic. Our pick of the lot is Rocky Ros Muc. This documentary depicts the journey of Ros Muc as who made his way from a small Irish speaking village to competing for a world title crown. We look forward to another year celebrating the Irish culture in other people's countries.

The full list of what is going on is available on the Irish Film Festival website here.