How to prepare


Here's what you will require:

  • 1. Decide the date
  • 2. Book the venue
  • 3. Book the films and projector, tickets etc.
  • 4. Members to get sponsors for the races.
  • 5. Members to sell the horses. (Keep the last race for an Auction)
  • 6. Members to make up the programme and get some adverts.

If you divide the work over a few people then no one person will have too many jobs to do. Using this system of fundraising many people contribute a little rather than a few being asked to contribute a lot. The filmed race is used in an interesting way to basically pick a number as in a raffle where there are several winners.


Getting things under way on the night your MC after welcoming your members, their guests and friends will tell them what is going to happen. He will announce that the 'Bet' or ticket price is for example, €2.00, the number of horses in each race is 8 or 10 runners, he will point out where you can buy your ticket on the horse number you like and where the payout will be. He will also announce the winning number and pay out prize as in a tote system. He will also tell you if there is to be an auction race.

We have an introductory race (to request only) - or use a spare race which will give your audience an idea of how the race is run. This race can be provided on request. When the above announcements have been made the MC will invite the audience to purchase their preferred numbered ticket (1 to 8 or 1 to 10) which represents each horse in the race.

A member of the audience is usually asked by projectionist to select a film for the projector thereby ensuring that the film is sealed and no one will have any knowledge of the winning number.

At this point the MC usually reads through the printed programme which lists the Horse owners and Jockey/Trainer.

Much revenue can be achieved from the race programme and it is therefore important to sell as much advertising as possible. As much as 50% can be generated from the programme.

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