The Sony Oligopoly Expands

Laser projectors are all the rage these days and not owning one as a cinema centre is the historical equivalent of the french saboteurs throwing their shoes into the original mechanised weaving looms. Sony have released a new line of 4K HDR laser projectors with some incredible specifications known as the SRX-R800 series. Boasting a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and a running life of 35,000 hours as well as low maintenance costs the question is not "Should I buy a new projector?" but "Who should I buy my new projector from?" and of course the answer to that should be very clear. GFD Communications will always be at your disposal for all your efficient and reliable cinema needs.

There are four sizes to choose from when it comes to the SRX-R800 series. If you're looking to redefine your small to medium theatre viewing experience for your customers then the SRX-R810P will be for you. Shining in at 7,500 lumens it will meet all your cosy seating cinema requirements. Moving up to the line to the next projector you will find the SRX-815P and the SRX-R810DS with a dazzling 15,000 lumens. These projectors will have no problem covering theatres up to medium sized capacity. The final model in this series is the SRX-815DS. This one is the show stopper. This is the projector that will have your patrons ranting and raving about the best cinematic viewing experience in their lives. The dual projection system this model offers makes it ideal for 3D screenings. 

Once you have digested all of this information and you hands have steadied their shaking long enough to pick up the phone and dial a number, please do not hesitate to make that number ours and let us let you realise your dreams and provide the cinema experience you have always dreamt about.