Pálás Cinema. The return of.

"Four score and seven years ago" is a famous quote from Abraham Lincoln referring to the signing of the declaration of independence 87 years before the his speech at the Gettysburg Address. There must have been several people with similar mindsets recently as Pálás Cinema was finally refurbished almost 14 years after its initial discussion. You would think that with 14 years of work and planning that the place would look immaculate however this is where even more controversy has arisen. Below are two pictures. One is of the Pálás Cinema in Galway the other is of a nondescript industrial building.

palas cinmea.jpg

There is much dispute among the public as to how exactly the €8 million was spent as many people do not think it is immediately obvious that it was designed by an award winning architect.

Despite its harsh exterior you should not judge a book by its cover. Hidden within the bleak, eastern-block-esque penitentiary exterior of the building are 3 Sony SRX-510s installed in 3 intimate, private screens. GFD Communications contribution to the completion of the cinema was a resounding success and it looks like a 35 mm projector is on the cards as well for all of you arthouse film fanatics.