GFD Communications, A Fixed Point of Security in Turbulent Uncertain Times

The year is now 2018. Cinema projectors have been around for over 125 years. As the years have progressed it has become clear that there are more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to show moving images to large crowds. Large scale TVs look to be a possible replacement for projectors in the future. "Projectors have been around for 125 years! Why replace them now?" Animals were the main mechanism of movement and power for several millennia before the industrial revolution in the late 1700s. As you can see, just because you have been doing something for a long time it does not mean you have been doing it the right way.

Samsung have revealed their work on a giant LED screen. This screen is basically a majorly scaled up version of a regular TV screen that you might find in a standard family home. These LED screens will offer advantages over projectors in the form of environmental and maintenance cost reductions. A standard projector (even if it's installed by us) will gradually dim over time and result in the bulbs having to be replaced, their contrast is also highly dependent on how well insulated from light the room is. LED screens can, however, offer a much higher contrast ratio due to being back lit. 

Whatever the future holds you can be certain that GFD Communications will be here and ready to help you throughout the turbulent times. Rather than a stick in the mud we will act as well trained crew in a storm that will guide through the process be that changing from projectors to LED screens or any number of potential future scenarios.